This blog doesn’t have one distinct purpose or reason for existing. I’m going to write about whatever I feel like writing about, whether its commentary on current events, blathering about religion or sociology, progress on my aqua-scaping hobby, or some personal shit I’m dealing with. I don’t care if anybody reads it ever, but I will welcome comments and take the time to answer questions if I can.

Some things about me:

I’m a 32 year old musician. I’ve got a decent job that affords me time and money for continued education. I’m not balding or fat and I run often, so that is cool. I have two kids that live with their mother during the school year. I’m not religious but find it really interesting that some people are. My favorite drink right now is Jim Beam and Ginger Ale, seriously try it, it’s spicy and refreshing. I’m seeing somebody that I really like, pretty sure she likes me too, but for now it’s a long distance thing. Arizona is home until I go somewhere else, and right now, I’m fine with that. The wide open sky and scrubby mountains are beautiful. And I love it when its quiet enough to hear coyotes in the distance. A subtle reminder that not everything is tame.


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