Whiskey at midnight: The Can’t Sleep Cronicles, Part 1

I guess I’m not getting any sleep tonight. I rolled around for as long as I could stand it, until it was time to get up and do something. It is 11 PM and I am watching the Oprah interview that has been all the rage in the non-believer community. Oprah interviewed Diana Nyad, a self-proclaimed “atheist in awe.” Nyad described her love of the world and humanity in a very “Saganeque” way only to have Oprah tell her that she couldn’t consider her an atheist because she recognized a sense of transcendence in herself (I’m paraphrasing here). It isn’t really Oprah’s fault that she would think that way, although I do feel strongly that if you’re going to interview somebody you should make yourself well informed about the subject matter, it is just a common misconception that atheists are emotionless voids of repressed hatred and hot chaos.

The Pew Research Center responded quickly with a completely unhelpful list they published in an article haphazardly titled “5 facts about atheists.” The article fails to define it terms, and I’m assuming that is the result of surveys that failed in the same way, so that nothing is really said at all. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life is a great resource, normally. The articles they publish have been a great boon to me (who says boon?), but when it comes to the irreligious they seem to be confused. What the Pew Forum on Religion and Public life needs is a committed non-believer that is informed when it comes to religion, and public life. I checked their site and it looks like they are hiring a Human Resources manager, but no research analysts. I’ll have to wait my turn.

I have a career right now and everything is going as planned I suppose, but for some reason I can’t take it seriously or think of it as a real life-goal kind of a career. Honestly, I know the reasons but I won’t bother listing them. It would be too obvious. I remember being told that I would have to straighten up and get things right for middle school because everything would be serious business then. It wasn’t. The same was said about high school, college, and my current starter career. Disappointment and incompetence at every level.

How does this relate at all to Oprah and Diana Nyad? It doesn’t. 








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