Well I’m here now.

Since showing up in Arizona I have been camping, driven out to visit my sister in LA, acquired a decent place to live, and begun working with a new band. I have also read three largish books, constructed a dozen lego sets, and taken up Korean cooking. My social calendar was kept very full in Korea and I am having trouble filling the time.

So, what should I do? Make new friends? OK, working on it, but I’m kind of a snob and I don’t like wasting my time with people that won’t challenge me somehow. Either they have to be unreadable and therefore interesting or they have to be interesting for some other reason, like maybe they speak four languages or know everything a person can know about beets.

I got together with a local group of similarly godless atheist types last week and had a good time. Although, now that I’m a single guy, and seeing as how the group mostly consisted of several couples, I don’t see how we can socially connect beyond out distaste for organized religion. We’ll need something more substantial than that.

I have also been out boozing it up with a new friend from work. It has been a lot of fun both times, but the hangover the next day is a heavy toll to maintain a friend. (It did not help that I ate fruit with Tabasco sauce all over it or whatever a “school bus” shot is).

I guess the most interesting thing happening right now is my soon-to-be-complete application to a graduate program I didn’t think I’d ever find. New Mexico State University offers a MA in Sociology! And they have an option to take it almost entirely online. I will need to go to the campus at some point and touch base with the professors, but that is only a few hours away and I am more than willing to do that in order to have the opportunity to study what I really want to study.

Oh! My daughter is coming to visit in two and half weeks. I’m very excited and I miss her very much. My son can’t fly without an adult yet but I will see him in December, which seems so far away… Part of the reason I have to stay busy is to escape the ever approaching wall of sadness and despair that sets in when I am alone and realize my children are so far away. A really smart person told me once that no matter what, if you have kids, you will feel guilty about something. At least I can feel guilty about being so far away and not being as big a part of their lives as I’d like to be, instead of one day feeling guilty for having lived with them and neglected or ignored them during their most precious and influential years.

Let’s end on a good note! Syria! Woohoo…


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