Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Most Productive Day

I consider any day in which I physically go to the post office and mail something to be a highly productive day but yesterday was even more productive. I don’t live with my children who are still both very young. I record myself reading them bedtime stories with iMovie then I send them the books and the DVD I’ve made so they can watch them anytime they miss me or just want to stay up a bit longer. I managed to create three videos and the DVD and then mail it all off on the same day. I went on to finish a book, start another book, and even grill some pizzas with my girlfriend to keep her company at a boring work thing she had to endure.

I don’t really have a point or any really neat way to package what I’ve written into a meaningful lesson about life. I just wanted to look back and remember yesterday as a very productive day.


Preparing to move


I dislike waiting and it’s causing me to have conflicting emotions concerning my upcoming move. I’m waiting to leave Seoul and all my preparations have been made. My things have been neatly packed and picked up by movers. They are probably on a ship right now slowly chugging toward Seattle or San Francisco. I’m living out of my two suitcases. I will be here another week.

The problem is that I don’t truly want to leave just yet. I’m having a lot of fun and really gettingĀ  along well with my friends. However, after having gone through all the motions and steps required for an international move, I’m more than ready for it to just happen. I don’t like feeling useless and seeing my friends leave for work in the morning while I sit around, over-prepared for travel, just makes me feel bad. Certainly they will be doing the same thing soon as we all trickle out of Seoul, but I’m cursed (or blessed) with being the first. Every interaction seems like a long goodbye and it is getting tiresome. I’ve still got a week! Let’s just be normal until I actually leave. OK perhaps we can make a fuss the day before I leave, and as I’m leaving for the airport, but not ten days out.

Just so this post isn’t too boring I’ve included a picture I took while I was panting and wheezing around mile 5 of a run along the Han river a few days ago. Pretty right?